2021 IMEN Gathering

(in 2 months)

The IMEN Gathering is an incredible way for men to experience the intense energy that will include two additional days (Pre-Friday & Pre-Saturday) with all camp amenities and meals for both days at the reduced rate of $90.00 per day.

If you register to attend the pre-gathering days, these will be “bare bones" relaxing, non-event, no activities, lay around the pool days. We plan to have a modified “Happy Hour” with limited snacks as opposed to the full two-table buffet we normally have. We plan to have the Open Bar available and music provided by our DJ. We also hope to have Shenanigans and the Dance Barn open no later than Saturday evening.

You may attend the IMEN Gathering for any number of days (one to nine). Since 2008, the IMEN Gathering registration fees have NOT increased. However, though there has been no rate increase, there has been a huge increase in the value of your $$$ over the past 10+ years. The IMEN Gathering attract a mostly older crowd.

Held at:
Darlington, MD
More information: