2021 IMEN Gathering

(4 months ago)

Our annual gatherings are held at campgrounds located in northeastern Harford County, Darlington, Maryland. Enjoy days of relaxation sitting in the tree-shaded areas and chatting with new and old friends or lying in the sun in a lounge chair by the pool or diving into the pool for a cool, refreshing swim or taking a walk along the nature trails. There are so many choices, but you are in charge of your vacation… do as much or as little as you choose. In other words, total carefree, liberated relaxation.

Fun interactive group activities and games occur throughout each day. Volleyball is very popular. Some of us, who may still enjoy tapping into the “kid" that still lurks within us, have lots of fun by playing on the Water Slide, participating in the Pudding Battle, and… there will be a new surprise event this year. Also… a Foam Party will happen at least twice during the week. Numerous workshops are scheduled relating to lots of varied, interesting subjects such as Massages, Yoga, Gay Travel, a "Gone with the Wind" lecture, Line Dancing, 2-Step Dancing, Men’s Health Workshops, etc., etc. Leather Werks will again be presenting classes. There are just too many to mention here.

For those who bring items to sell or want to purchase items at our Craft Fair/Flea Market, this will be a daily event in the Pool/Breezeway Area.

In the evening hours, there is always the choice of a movie, Bingo, Ice Cream Social, and, of course, Shenanigans (the nightly IMEN Hangout) for socializing, snacking on Pop Corn, Hot Dogs, other varied snacks while enjoying the nightly drink of the evening. Then, step into the Dance Barn to enjoy the laser light and video show while dancing those sandals off to the mixes of our DJ guy. You can also wander down to the lake for our nightly Camp Fire!

We plan throughout the entire year to provide you with the most fun-filled "bang for your buck” vacation that we can possibly imagine. So, as we always say, register soon, then pack-up your bare necessities and join us for a fun-filled experience.

Held at:
Darlington, MD
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