Sage - 30th Annual Pines Celebration 2022

(in 13 days)

We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Ed Schulhafer and Crayton Robey are again opening their home on Saturday, June 4th from 4 – 6pm for the 30th Annual Pines Celebration. SAGE’s annual event has long served as the inaugural summer celebration in the Pines and a chance to come together and feel the joyous community that SAGE has been an integral part of cultivating. At this moment, when the Pines community and residences are experiencing dynamic change, SAGE and the Pines Celebration provide a continuity of care and a legacy of inclusion for all members of our intergenerational community.

SAGE will present Guy Smith and Robert Montenegro, artists, designers, and entrepreneurs behind Free Radical Design Group, with the Innovator Award, and Gary Clinton, Board Member and Secretary of the Fire Island Pines Property Owners’ Association (FIPPOA), with the Doris Taussig Community Service Award, and Doug Harris, former SAGE Board of Directors Member and Co-Chair with the Community Engagement Award.

Held at:
225 Bay Walk,Fire Island Pines, New York 11782
More information: