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StephenMy name is Stephen. I'm an attorney living in Florida and law is a second careerfor me, having gone into the practice after a lengthy career as asoftware engineer and technical trainer. I'm currently admitted topractice in New York and Texas. I have also practiced inPennsylvania and New Jersey. In 1996, I earned my JD from SouthTexas College of Law — Houston, received a certificate in estateplanning from Temple University Beasley School of Law — GraduateTax Program in 2007 and studied estate planning at Cornell LawSchool.

I live with Richard, my partner of more than 30 years. Wemarried in Vancouver, Canada in 2007 after previously registeringas domestic partners in New Jersey. We are both out with ourfamilies, friends and neighbors, and have three wonderfulcollege-aged grandchildren.

In 2004, following passage of the NJ Domestic Partnership Act, Iwrote the first legal guide for New Jersey's same-sex couples. Ialso began writing a similar legal column for another LGBT siteand an associated website providing legal information for LGBTcouples and singles and, following the enactment of the NJ CivilUnion Act in 2006, I was appointed by the Governor as a member ofthe commission to evaluate the implementation, operation, andeffectiveness of civil unions. In our final report (January 20,2009), we unanimously concluded that a civil union was a statusinferior to civil marriage and concluded that New Jersey should"expeditiously" legalize same-sex marriage, which it did onOctober 21, 2013.

In 2005, I joined a leading NJ law firm, presiding over a trustsand estates practice and, in 2007, I founded a solo practiceproviding estate planning, wills, trusts, guardianship, and elderlaw among other services.

This section is not limited to questions related to sexuality.Although the focus is on legal questions that affect older gay menand couples, our rights and our responsibilities. In general, Iwill post answers to questions here on the OlderGay.Men website soother users can become informed about their legal rights. I editout some information that might identify the writer to avoidembarrassment to the writer. Occasionally, someone needs areferral to an attorney and, to the extent I can help them, I mayrespond directly.

However, I generally cannot represent you, particularly if youare a resident of a state other than the ones in which I amadmitted (Texas and New York). OlderGay.Men presents the legalinformation on this website as a service to users of this site.Although the information in this section is about legal issues, itis not legal advice. You should consult an attorney for adviceregarding your individual situation. I welcome your questions,however contacting me via this website does not create anattorney-client relationship nor should you provide me with anyconfidential information.

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