You’re Not Seeing Things

Posted Dec 28, 2020 3:15PM UTC

Don't be confused if the Birthdays section of this week's newsletter looks unusual. It looked unusual to me, and a little exploring showed that we have over 12,000 members who use January 1st as their birthdates.

My guess? It's a combination of guys acting in the interests of a) privacy, b) online security, or c) not bothering to click the drop-down menus for Month and Day. If you know a doctoral student in Statistics, he or she might enjoy working up an estimate of how many of these dates could possibly be legitimate.

For our purposes, it comes to just over 50 men appearing in the newsletter. I guess we can put up with that for one week. I don't want to skip the real New Yearsers, and the others should get their acknowledgement sometime.

I will someday get around to talking to all the guys who are over 120 years old...

Happy Holidays,