La Drague - The Cabaret Club

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Le Drague is both a cabaret, a club and a trendy place where it is good to meet friends. Symbolizing the bridge between the gay, lesbian and heterofriendly community, Le Drague has proudly welcomed an open and diversified clientele for over thirty years. To meet the varied needs of its customers, the Dredge is made up of several zones offering different atmospheres and activities, not to mention the terrace open all summer.

The cabaret area offers shows by female personifiers (our famous Drag Queens!) Who will entertain you with song, dance, humor or variety.

The club area knows how to satisfy people who want to have fun and dance, from 23:00, to the sound of our flaming DJs!

Zone 3 is specially designed for those who want to relax and chat with friends in a lounge atmosphere, while enjoying one of our essential cocktails.

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