Posted Aug 21, 2017

If you haven't checked your email, I'll insert below the message I sent yesterday. We've begun mailing announcements of new additions to the archives again, and becoming a subscriber is easier and cheaper than ever. Thanks for being a part of sfpix, and have fun!

Hello there!! :-)

What an awfully long time it's been. I have great news to announce about the Silverfox Pictures Archive.

First of all, you're getting this message because I've found time to work on the site again! I hope to continue fixing and updating it and adding some of the features I've imagined for a long time.

As a start, we're sending these email announcements of new photos again. We've been updating the site all along, so if you've haven't been following, you'll have a lot to enjoy at:

We stopped emailing announcements because our hosting service requested that we develop a more direct way for members to unsubscribe. You'll now find a link at the bottom of every message customized just for you. It takes you to a page where you can turn the announcements on or off with one click.

The second big news is that we've drastically reduced the cost of subscribing to the site. I originally priced it with the idea that I'd be adding several improvements soon, but life interfered with that. We've lowered the price of subscribing to $15 a year. I think that's fair for what we offer. As always, you don't have to subscribe to enjoy the site. The photos are available for free; subscribing just gives you some extra features.

We're using a new form for processing payments, so let us know if you have any problems with it. We'll also be seeing a lot more traffic than usual, so forgive any hiccups related to email or the site.

We hope you've all been well and happy. Let us know about any problems you see and enjoy the men!

Hugs, Jeff