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Member Galleries

Posted Sep 17, 2021 12:49AM UTC

Following on the heels of marking people in pictures, I've created galleries from the results:

Have a look — happy window shopping! 😀


People In Pictures

Posted Sep 16, 2021 9:39PM UTC

I've made it possible now to say that you're in a picture on the site. On a picture's page, just click "Add yourself to the list" under "People in this picture". See here for example:

Do Not Abuse This. Marking yourself as the subject of a picture of Ed Asner or a drawing of Santa Claus will get you a warning, and continuing will get your account banned. Let's keep this useful.

On profile pages, we make a distinction now between photos someone's uploaded and photos that feature the person. Like here:

We show ten pictures on the profile, and you can click through to see more:

When you upload a batch of photos now, you can tick a checkbox to have them all marked as pictures of you. If you've already uploaded a bunch, go to your profile page. Above the thumbnails of pictures uploaded by you, you'll find a new link labeled...


Is This Worth It?

Posted Sep 02, 2021 8:35PM UTC

In the best shoot-then-aim tradition, I've only started to collect statistics about what's happening on OlderGay.Men. One jumped out at me: 107 members currently support us on Patreon. On the one hand: That's great! On the other: It's 0.1468% of our membership.

I don't want to sound discouraged. But if only 15 percent of one percent of you care to make sure this will still be here tomorrow, you have to admit that's not the most enthusiastic vote of confidence. On a crass financial level, it means that supporting members pay less than a third of our monthly expenses. I'm happy to continue making up the rest, but increased support would ease both my pocketbook and my worries about whether this is a worthwhile experiment.

So let me ask you:

  1. If you subscribe: Thank you!
  2. If you don’t… Why not?

I don't mean that as an accusation, but as a sincere question.

I understand that $5 a month is more than some of our members can afford. I...



Posted Aug 29, 2021 9:17PM UTC

Breaking in to our usual coverage for this sad news:

Uploading Many Photos At Once

Posted Aug 26, 2021 9:35PM UTC

I finally got around to making it possible to upload multiple images at once. If you have a bunch you want to add to the site, you can drop them all at once now:

The site puts them into a holding area, then, when it gets a moment, takes each and runs it through all the processing that we were doing at the time of uploading before: Checking that the image isn't already on the site, double-checking that you didn't accidentally upload the PDF of your tax return, etc. Since all of this happens later, uploading should be much faster as well as more convenient. Give it a try and let us know if you run into any problems!



Posted Jul 15, 2021 8:58PM UTC

We're excited to announce another get-back-out-there feature. If you've been looking for a way to meet other OlderGay members near you, you can now schedule a meetup to get everyone together.

Pick a place and a time, and we'll notify everyone nearby in the newsletter. If you don't have a location in mind, you can head to our Places section. When you see a place that seems amenable, you'll find a "Schedule a meetup here!" link on its page that will pre-fill the name and address of the venue. When you click through, you'll also find a somewhat tedious list of suggestions to help make your event the best it can be.

We hope this will break the ice for members close to each other who haven't yet met. We hope it will be good for travelers, too! Imagine if, on your first visit to London or Palm Springs or Rio de Janeiro, you could have dinner or drinks with like-minded friends who help you settle in. Years of running...


Second Homes And Travel Plans

Posted Jun 21, 2021 10:24PM UTC

We have two huge announcements to make, just in time for the world’s re-opening.

First, you can now list a second location on your profile if you spend part of the year somewhere else (summers in New York and winters in Fort Lauderdale, for example). Both homes will appear on your profile, and you’ll appear in searches on either location (and as being near places, groups, events, etc. in either place).

Second, if you’re just making a trip somewhere, you can post it here:

When you do, you’ll create a page with the information we have about the area you’re visiting, and you can post your comments if you need some advice. The newsletter will notify people in the area that you’re coming, and you’ll start appearing in location searches just before your arrival date. As you can see, we automatically create trips when members say they’re attending events. Trips are only visible to members who are logged in.

I hope you find these features helpful,...


Reporting Spam

Posted May 09, 2021 5:25PM UTC

As one of the steps we’re taking against spam on the site, you’ll now find a form at the bottom of each message you receive which lets you forward the conversation to our staff for review. We continue to work on preventing spam from reaching you, but if something does get through, we appreciate your help in flagging messages so we can remove spammer accounts as quickly as possible.

Have a great week!


Posted May 08, 2021 12:11AM UTC

Since the start of the year, we’ve welcomed nearly 900 new friends to the site. Along with this growth spurt, we’ve welcomed our first serious round of spam. It ramped up in the last couple of weeks, first with messages targeted at our demographic, then with generic spammers who didn’t read the room and posted pictures of themselves as large-breasted women in American flag tank tops shooting rifles.

We’ve banned the spammer accounts as we’ve found them, and I believe I just found and fixed the bug that was letting them post so many messages at once. This fix shouldn’t affect any legitimate messages you try to send, but let us know if you run into a problem. In the coming days, I’ll be making several other changes that should greatly reduce the chances that spam will reach you here.

In the meantime, this is a good reminder to follow basic online safety practices. Don’t share your personal information...


COVID Vaccine Resource

Posted Mar 16, 2021 2:17PM UTC

The Fort Lauderdale Prime Gentlemen alerted us to a company that matches people who want a COVID-19 vaccine with providers who have unclaimed doses in danger of going to waste. If you’re having trouble getting vaccinated, it only takes a moment to sign up for their text alerts. We hope everyone who wants a shot gets it soon, and we’re back out in the world together this summer.

Coverage in the New York Times:

Direct link: