I Can See Clearly Now

Posted Oct 05, 2020 9:15PM UTC

I have some exciting news to share about photos on the site.

Two weeks ago, I started work on the next item on our Patreon-produced todo list, letting members upload multiple photos at once. For reasons too boring to detail (the way I’ve set up the collection, images have a lot of ancillary information connected to them and how do you process it for many pictures going up at once, yada yada), that’s still in progress. But while working on that, I worked up some ideas that are dramatically improving our pictures.

The first week, I made changes that optimized the image files without changing the images themselves. These changes have been applied to nearly the entire collection now, and while they don’t affect how the pictures look, you should find them loading more quickly.

This past week, I worked on a bigger challenge with bigger rewards. We can now replace pictures with improved versions, and all the links to the old version redirect to the new one. All the associated information – members’ ratings, inclusion in collections and sets of “added on this date”, people using the picture as their profile image, etc. – is migrated from the old version to the new. It should be seamless as you use the site. You shouldn’t notice anything different, except that the pictures you love should look better than ever. I've created a before-and-after gallery to show you what I mean.

Unlike the first round of improvements which could automated, this involves me manually editing a file and uploading it as a replacement. Luckily, I’m addicted, thinking, “Oh, what would this one look like? How much better could it be?” So, slowly, as you browse the site, you should see your favorite pictures popping clearer and brighter than you’ve ever seen them.

Hope you’re all enjoying OlderGay and taking good care of yourselves. Stay safe just a little longer until we can be together again.