Important Message About Replies To Messages

Posted Oct 09, 2020 8:42PM UTC

Please read this; it's important for anyone who recently replied to a message on the site or is waiting for a reply. Iā€™m sending an extra newsletter this week to get the word out.

A member reported a bug in our messaging system yesterday. If you replied to a message someone sent you, instead of sending the reply, the site was moving the message to the trash. I found the problem and fixed it this morning. This was, of course, a huge bug, and I'm sorry for everyone's inconvenience.

If you've only sent messages to other members ā€“ new, first-time messages ā€“ this doesn't affect you. But if someone wrote you and you wrote back (even a new reply in an old ongoing conversation), you'll need to double-check whether your message went through. Unfortunately, the text of any reply you sent is gone.

What To Do:

  1. Go to your trash folder
  2. Look for any conversations you didn't mean to delete.
  3. Open the conversation and click the "Undelete" button.
  4. Open the conversation again now that it's in your inbox, and send your reply.

Humble apologies,