Second Homes And Travel Plans

Posted Jun 21, 2021 10:24PM UTC

We have two huge announcements to make, just in time for the world’s re-opening.

First, you can now list a second location on your profile if you spend part of the year somewhere else (summers in New York and winters in Fort Lauderdale, for example). Both homes will appear on your profile, and you’ll appear in searches on either location (and as being near places, groups, events, etc. in either place).

Second, if you’re just making a trip somewhere, you can post it here:

When you do, you’ll create a page with the information we have about the area you’re visiting, and you can post your comments if you need some advice. The newsletter will notify people in the area that you’re coming, and you’ll start appearing in location searches just before your arrival date. As you can see, we automatically create trips when members say they’re attending events. Trips are only visible to members who are logged in.

I hope you find these features helpful, and that they lead to great new connections out on the road. Stay safe, happy trails!