Self-Care Guide

Posted Dec 17, 2020 12:40PM UTC

We received an email update from SAGE that might be helpful to our U.S. members. You can read it online here:

SAGE Suggestions

If you have trouble clicking through to their PDF guide, here's the direct link:

Holiday Self-Care Guide

The holiday season can be especially hard on our group. Festive lights and cheery advertisements can grate on those of us going through family estrangements and other isolations. This time, after nearly a year locked away with unrelenting fear, I'm sure some of us are going through the worst of the worst. I hope we're providing an outlet here on OlderGay, but if you need more contact and an ear to listen, please check out SAGE's offerings. You're not alone.

And for our younger members looking for a way to make a difference: I hope you'll check it out, too. SAGEConnect will pair you with a gay elder for a weekly check-in phone call to bring a bit of light into someone's life. Just try not to use it only for finding tricks. 😂

Stay safe and stay well and as happy as you can through all these strange, strange days,