sfpix's future

Posted Jul 28, 2013

I'd like to take a moment to talk about the status of the Silverfox Pictures Archive, a status which has been a status quo for a very long time. No one is more aware than I am that the site is quite old by contemporary standards and has long been in need of an overhaul. The last round of changes I made to it were halfway measures, some of them made as quick fixes meant to be quickly replaced but which have stayed on for years. Unfortunately, my personal life has been repeatedly flying apart in various ways for the past five years. I never intended to neglect sfpix, but here's what's been happening:

In the Fall of 2008, [my partner Glenn][jeffcovey] became ill and eventually spent four months in the hospital and in a rehab center. By the time he was discharged in the Spring, he had developed dementia, and I became a fulltime caregiver for him. That Summer, [my mother suffered a stroke][jeffcovey 2] and my father and brother were in a car accident a few days later. When my parents moved into assisted living that Fall, Glenn and I moved from Maryland to West Virginia to care for their house and ready it for sale. We moved home ten months later, and things seemed to settle down for a while.

I found the time to sketch out an ambitious plan for sfpix and shopped it around to several web development companies. When I didn't get any satisfactory bids on the work, I decided to do it myself. Shortly after I started on it, Glenn became sick again and [died after a month in the hospital][jeffcovey 3]. A couple of months later, my father had two heart attacks. I quickly put our house on the market and moved back to West Virginia to help with him and Mom. Four months later, [my mother died][jeffcovey 4]. I spent the next months trying to help my father cope with being alone for the first time in 63 years. That Summer, I [developed arthritis in my neck][jeffcovey 5] and have been in constant pain for the last year. I'm on my second round of physical therapy and hope to continue to improve, but I can still only spend a very limited amount of time on the computer each day, and launching a major renovation of sfpix is impossible for now.

Where does that leave us in the meantime? Right where we've been these five years, not advancing as I'd hoped, but at least going along as well as ever. While I regret I haven't been able to bring you all the new ideas I planned, I'm glad I've been able to continue updating the site several times a week through it all, and we've been able to enjoy together the ever-expanding bounty of beautiful men the world has to offer us. I plan for that to continue indefinitely. This isn't a message to tell you anything is changing, but one to explain why nothing has changed and why it's unlikely anything will change until I start feeling better. I thank you for your patience and continued support of sfpix. It's been quite a long and difficult few years for me, and I've been meaning for some time to tell you what's been going on. I hope we'll be able to move forward together soon, and that we'll continue to share our common passion for years to come.


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