Where Have All The Events Gone?

Posted Jun 08, 2020 10:00PM UTC

(Long time passing!)

If you get our newsletter, you'll see the Events section shrink dramatically this week. The Chicago Prime Timers gathering was canceled, and we finally received confirmation from cruise organizers that they're canceling all the older gay cruises until the fall. Cross your fingers with us for what's remaining, but I fear we'll be waiting to see each other again in the new year.

Those of us in the United States had even more than the pandemic on our minds last week. If you feel a need to talk to someone (respectfully), do take advantage of our discussion board. If you're having a truly hard time and think a professional trained in coping strategies could help, please reach out to one. You're worth it, and you could benefit from it, even if you've never felt the need before. Here are a couple of resources to try:

Online Counseling

Stay safe, stay strong,