Bains d'Odessa,

(Listing updated 5 months ago.)

Former public baths since 1895, this lush and listed place now houses the best address on the Left Bank. Its courtyard facade combines discretion with an exceptional 100% masculine setting.
Inside, there are as many authentic settings as secret corners in which you can get lost tirelessly. In this timeless atmosphere, the walls sing and watch the theater of passionate love.
Very popular in the afternoon, let yourself be seduced by 540m2 of pleasure. Completely renovated, the Odessa Baths offer 5 levels, 5 atmospheres!

The abundant steam of the giant hammam envelops you and gives you both pleasure and relaxation. Also take advantage of the fiery passion of the dry sauna for very hot moments.

The period swimming pool with a suggestive atmosphere will capture your imagination to make you live an unforgettable moment. Let yourself go ...