Cactus Canyon Campground (CCC)

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The Cactus Canyon Campground (CCC) provides a private membership adults-only (21 years or older) camping experience for gay, bi, and straight men near Ava, Missouri. We, as business owners and operators of CCC, want our visitors to relax and enjoy themselves in the outdoors.

Cactus Canyon Campground, the "Canyon", opened in 1999 with humble beginnings and soon rose to be the largest men's campground in the United States because of a need for something different for the men's community.

Our accommodations include many primitive campsites that are available in the woods where you can be alone, and other sites where you can be close to others. Either way, there is plenty of space for you to pitch a tent. There are campsites along the creek, on the ridge, and in the meadow, and others are wooded camping sites. If you’d like comforts such as electric and water at your site, we have that too.

Check the calendar on the website for “Senior Weekends”.