Lighthouse Beach

Honolulu, Hawaii, United States

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There is an unofficial nude beach located at the base of the Diamond Head Light house. The beach is located just off Diamond Head Road, just below and to the left (east) of the lighthouse. There is ample parking on the road. I parked at the top of the hill and walked down a nice, paved walk path to the beach. There was a group of windsurfers at the bottom of the walk path. I turned west and walked about 100 yds and found a nude bather. I walked another quarter of a mile and found the end of the nude beach. This is an old lava flow and the beach is not the greatest for swimming. However, you do get to work on the all-over tan.

Standing as an enduring sentinel, the lighthouse has safely guided innumerable mariners transiting the Pacific region for over one hundred and ten years.

Located on the southern cliffs of the island, its red light can be seen 17 nautical miles (over 31 kilometers) from the shoreline.

Fun Facts

Before navigational structures were built in Hawaii, large bonfires guided mariners safely ashore.

The lighthouse locations, Diamond Head was named by British sailors that mistook the crystals they found, while they climbed the volcano's slopes, for diamonds.

Building lighthouses on Oahu were planned after two large ships ran aground in 1893 and 1897.

Originally built in 1899, the first Diamond Head Lighthouse's concrete started to crack, so the structure was rebuilt in 1917.

The lighthouse is 147 ft (44.80 meters) above sea level & its actual height is 55 ft (over 16 meters).

The U.S. Coast Guard assumed responsibility for maintaining this Aid to Navigation in 1932.


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