Maslin Beach

Tatachilla, South Australia, Australia

(Listing updated 10 months ago.)

An excellent nude beach with wonderful cliffs and surrounds. From lunchtime until dusk, there are always plenty of older men looking for hot action in the rocks around the southernmost point, as well as in the dunes. Late at night, things are even hotter. Signs have been put up restricting nude bathing to the foreshore (not the dunes), so you might cover up if wandering inland on the hunt. A new toilet facility is as busy as the old.

The beach is the site of a cliff-lined recreation reserve stretching from Maslin Beach town in the north to Blanche Point in the south.

In 1975, the southern half of the beach was declared Australia's first official nude beach. The beach is almost 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) long, so the area reserved for nude bathing is away from other beach users.

The Pilwarren Maslin Beach Nude Games are held annually, with informal competitions such as three-legged races and the judging of "best bum".


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