The Boilerhouse

County Dublin, Ireland

(Listing updated 23 days ago.)

We opened our doors back in 1998. The building consists of five floors consisting of a dry sauna, jacuzzi, steam-rooms, play areas and private rooms.
On visiting the premises you will be provided with a wristband that will open your locker where you will find a towel and place to put your belongings.
Due to the current energy crisis we must charge €2 for extra towels, we do not mind customers bringing their own! If you require flip-flops we also provide these free at our reception (please ask). If you would prefer to leave valuables at the reception, please ask for a security bag on entering.
The busiest times at our premises would usually be on the weekends, though we have noticed that during the week can be quite a popular time for customers to visit. Please call our reception 01-6773130 to see how busy we are before your visit.