The Pumping Station

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This easygoing gay hangout with a compact menu of bar snacks features pool tables & dart boards.

The Pumping Station follows a tradition of businesses overcoming prejudice. The building located at 1382 Poplar Avenue was built for a Jewish couple who owned a liquor store. They were evicted from a previous location by a landlord who was afraid of what his preacher would say. After they retired, the landlord rented to two lesbian bars, The Pipeline and since February 11, 2001, The Pumping Station. Our home location has been a host to diversity throughout the years and continues to be a place that not only caters to the community but gives back to it also.

Over the years, the bar has been a supporter of Mid-South Pride, Tennessee Equality Project (TEP), The Outflix Film Festival, MGLCC, Friends for Life, The Focus Awards, and the Wounded Warrior Project.