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Presentation of favorites

Posted Aug 19, 2019 5:54PM UTC

It's my birthday! As a gift to myself, I made a better presentation of favorite pictures. When you look at a profile now (including your own), you'll see up to ten favorites and a link that will take you to a paginated pop-up gallery. As before, you can see my profile for an example.

It's a delight to have my favorite hot men always ready to enjoy. Hope you like it, too.


Sorting pictures by popularity

Posted Aug 14, 2019 12:06PM UTC

You can now sort the pictures page by popularity of the picture. Keep rating to bring your favorites to the top for everyone’s enjoyment!

Event attendees

Posted Aug 11, 2019 10:06PM UTC

On events’ pages, you'll now find a link you can click to let everyone know if you'll be there. You'll then appear on the list of attendees on the event's page and the event will be listed on your profile. Please click and let us know if you'll be part of the group; it'll be great when we can meet each other face-to-face and not just online. 🙂

Speaking for myself and my partner, we'll be at the Prime Timers Labor Day Weekend in Oklahoma City and the convention in San Antonio. Looking forward to meeting anyone who can come out and join the fun.


Importing image ratings

Posted Aug 09, 2019 5:33PM UTC

Image ratings are now being imported. If you rated a picture on the old site, your rating should appear here, and if you rated it three stars or higher, it should appear in your favorites on your profile.

List of who liked

Posted Aug 09, 2019 2:26PM UTC

Each picture’s page now has a list of who liked it. Please keep rating pictures so we can see more of this in action.


Collections of favorite pictures

Posted Aug 09, 2019 1:58PM UTC

Images rated with more than two stars now appear on your profile. (See mine for an example.)

Image ratings

Posted Aug 08, 2019 11:08PM UTC

I've just added ratings for pictures on the site. A few caveats:

  1. Ratings are currently showing only on the picture's dedicated page (found, for example, by clicking "More information..." in a photo gallery).
  2. Due to bug, ratings only show up when the page is reloaded. A note on the page alerts you to this.
  3. I'm not yet doing anything with the ratings. You'll soon be able to sort images by popularity and see the images you and others have rated on your profile pages, but for now the average rating just shows on the picture's page.
  4. I haven't started porting existing ratings from the old site yet.

This is another feature I quickly half-completed to have it out in time for tomorrow's newsletter. 😀 Even though you don't get much for the effort right now, I'd appreciate it if you take the time to rate some pictures so we have more data to work with this weekend.


Menu fixed

Posted Aug 01, 2019 10:30PM UTC

The drop-down menu at the top of each page was broken for a few days. It should be working now.

Short downtime

Posted Jul 30, 2019 1:41PM UTC

The site will be down for a few minutes this morning for a database migration.

Update: We’re back online. Let us know if you spot any problems.

Messaging system

Posted Jul 26, 2019 2:06AM UTC

OlderGay.Men members can send each other messages now. I've been working hard on a messaging system and still have features to add – most importantly, email notifications of new messages are failing in production, so I've turned them off for now – but the basics are in place. You'll find a form on each member's page you can use to drop him a line and a "Messages" link in the site's menu to take you to your inbox.

I rushed to get this out in time for Friday's newsletter, so it's not been formally tested. Let me know if you spot any problems. Hope you enjoy it!


Older men are at greater risk of serious complications from COVID-19. Please take care of yourselves and those you love.