2021 On OlderGay.Men

Posted Jan 01, 2022 10:54PM UTC

Happy New Year! I hope you've had safe-but-joyous holidays with loved ones near(but not too near), and that 2022 has better days in store.

I sat down today to look back on what we did last year, and was happy with a lot of what I saw. Some highlights:

Then things went sideways. My partner had a few rough months, and my plans for the last quarter were pushed to the next. He's still tottering between health and crisis. He went back to the hospital Wednesday with congestive heart failure, and I just brought him home this afternoon.

So I'm still in maintenance mode, carving out what time I can for the site between caregiving duties. On the bright side, last year's unfulfilled plans leave plenty of excitement for 2022. And some of what I did starting last spring was predicated on the belief that the world was opening again. That was before Delta, before Omicron. Let's hope that this is the year these features will start paying off.

All the best to everyone for prosperous and contented days ahead.