Ok, so this is embarrassing...

Posted Dec 26, 2019 3:37PM UTC

Good news, bad news for this holiday season.

I've been working at porting all the pictures from the old site to here. I reached a point at which I should have been nearing the end, but still seemed to be only halfway there. This morning, I noticed the reason.

On the old site, I did a lot of things in a half-assed way, planning to get around to doing them in a serious way later (which is what I'm doing now). One of these was "I should put a note on the front page of the site saying how many pictures we've collected." I did this in a quick-to-toss-off naïve way which... counted each picture for being in the collection and for when it appeared on its page of "New pictures posted this day".

So the bad news: We have 33,000-odd pictures of beautiful old men, not 66,000-odd. The good: That should still keep you busy for a while. 😀

Still have odds and ends to tweak, but we're getting closer to having all the old site moved over here. Hope the holidays are treating everyone well.