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sfpix's future

Posted Jul 28, 2013

I'd like to take a moment to talk about the status of the Silverfox Pictures Archive, a status which has been a status quo for a very long time. No one is more aware than I am that the site is quite old by contemporary standards and has long been in need of an overhaul. The last round of changes I made to it were halfway measures, some of them made as quick fixes meant to be quickly replaced but which have stayed on for years. Unfortunately, my personal life has been repeatedly flying apart in various ways for the past five years. I never intended to neglect sfpix, but here's what's been happening:

In the Fall of 2008, [my partner Glenn][jeffcovey] became ill and eventually spent four months in the hospital and in a rehab center. By the time he was discharged in the Spring, he had developed dementia, and I became a fulltime caregiver for him. That Summer, [my mother suffered a stroke][jeffcovey 2] and my father and brother were in a car accident a few days later. When my parents...


Server relaunch

Posted Jul 02, 2013

At the beginning of April, our hosting service asked us to migrate sfpix to their new server farm. They neglected to mention that the site would blow up in a half dozen different ways because of a mismatch between the kernel on our virtual machine and the one on the server it was running on. We've had widespread filesystem corruption and assorted wonkiness. I've been restoring the site from backups and doing little patchwork fixes until I've had time for a real solution.

When I came home two nights ago, I had a notification that the site was down, and when I tried to get it going again, the server wouldn't boot. I made one final backup of our data, wiped the server, and reinstalled from scratch. Hopefully, we're stable again.

I believe I've tested everything. Let us know if I've missed anything, or if anything starts to fail again. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience, and hope we can all get back to just enjoying some beautiful men. :-)

Sincerely, Jeff

P.S.: As always,...


sfpix will be back shortly

Posted Jul 01, 2013

2013-07-01, 20:54:57:

The Silverfox Archive went down again and failed to reboot on 6/30. All of the data was backed up from it, and the server has been reinstalled from scratch. We're currently reinstalling all of the photos. There are a lot of pix to be uploaded to the server, so it's a slow process. We hope to have the site up and running again tomorrow. We're sorry for the inconvenience, and thank everyone for your patience!

See you again soon, sfpix