Camp Buckwood

(Listing updated 11 months ago.)

Camp Buckwood is a private, exclusively male, trans-friendly, members-only resort (membership sign-up occurs at check-in). Within our male-only concept, we are different things for different people at different times, but everyone has an opportunity to experience Buckwood. We have a couple of Friends and Family weekends each year and generally a weekend or two (check the calendar) when we host a private event.

We wanted to build a place in Indiana where guys would feel comfortable just being themselves. We have owned this property since 2001 and bought it to convert it to an exclusive and private members-only resort. As soon as we took possession of the property, we immediately began the administrative and physical processes of achieving our goal. Learning from our previous business experience, we approached the administrative end of the project with the utmost diligence.

We have made sure that all State of Indiana and Brown County Indiana Laws, Codes and Ordinances, Licenses and Permits have been properly addressed and are fully in place. It is important to us that we and our members respect nature and our neighbors.

We look forward to you joining us.

jarbear writes (in March 2021):

They open in April and close with a Halloween party in October. It’s a clean, well-kept place. They just put in a salt water pool, and they have a large hot tub (reportedly the largest in Indiana, at least). Everyone is friendly and the rule is that no one should have any attitudes. There is a walking trail for cruising… Fort Dix, which has a couple of glory holes… I saw a bath tub for water sports (I guess)…there is a platform in the woods (which is for public performing, I guess)…and the chicken house which plays porn on TV and is for group activities. They have a barn for dances and parties on weekends. Also, there’s a pavilion for cookouts. My boyfriend and I go there once a month and prefer it over the camps north of us. It’s worth going to at least once.