Clubsauna Amsterdam

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Based in a town house in a suburb of Frankfurt to the south of the city, this is the oldest sauna in Frankfurt. It boast a largely mature clientele and their admirers of all shapes and sizes - although someone seemed to have hidden all the razors as few are clean shaven. Changing facilities are on the ground floor and In the basement are showers, a cruisy steam-room, shower room, a large Jacuzzi and two saunas - including the one mentioned above which is built in a new extension at the back of the building. This large sauna boasts miniature lights in the roof fed by fiber-optics that change color in waves. Flame-effect lights on the wall give off a low yellow light than disguises your pallid white winter skin and a "waterfall" of green light hides speakers for the jungle bird song and waterfall sound effects. Truly a camp experience! Upstairs is a large bar and seating area where you can get alcoholic drinks and snacks. On the next floor is a labyrinth of cubicles for "resting" and a large darkened "relaxation" room for public "displays of affection". Sauna x2, Steam Room, Jacuzzi, Resting Area, Private Cabins, Public rest room, Bar, Cafe. Best time to visit: Saturday afternoon

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