GayStPete House

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GayStPete House was built in 1929, originally a single family home for a former Mayor of the City. It was converted to a multi-family apartment building in the 60s and became an illegal boarding house shortly afterwards. Current Owner Brian returned the house to its apartment use in 2000, and then converted it to a Bed & Breakfast in 2008. GayStPete House is located in the Central Oak Park Neighborhood, in the middle of the city, 10 minutes to the beaches to the West, or 10 minutes to downtown St. Petersburg to the East.

Our goal has been to create an old Key West feel, laid back, quirky, and friendly. A relaxing clothing-optional place to stay, where you can make new friends, or just work on your tan. Our central location allows you to explore the beaches, museums, and neighborhoods which make up the greater St. Petersburg area. The LGBT-friendly Grand Central District is just minutes away.

Amenities include free parking, Wi-Fi, continental breakfast, a beer/wine happy hour, and loads of information on the area. Urban, a rescued Malti-Poo, actually runs the house. Your friendly pet is welcome here, as long as they are quiet when you are away.