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Le Bains Douches

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Les Bains Paris is a boutique luxury hotel, elegant restaurant, sophisticated cocktail bar, iconic nightclub, a design concept store & coffee-to-go.
Once a public spa in the 1880's, Les Bains Douches became Paris' bona fide den of celebrity-studded iniquity in the 1980's.
The famed nightclub received everyone from David Bowie, Karl Lagerfeld, Andy Warhol, Jean Paul Gaultier and Naomi Campbell to name but a few, as a young Philippe Starck took to the décor.
In 2015, Jean-Pierre Marois assembled a cast of internationally respected designers, creatives and chefs to breathe new life into Les Bains at once as hotel, restaurant, bar and nightclub/concert venue.
Today, guests enjoy sunlight balconies in luxurious suites by architect Vincent Bastie and designers Tristan Auer and Denis Montel. Philippe Starck’s original black-and-white dance-floor tiles frame the dramatic dining room and bar, whilst private dining can be had in what used to be a water tank.

Les Bains is a distillation of the best Paris has to offer. To be enjoyed day and night, it is a 5-star Boutique Hotel, a neo-bistro with outdoor patios, a spa, legendary bar, mythical nightclub, an avant-garde scene, and a want-everything concept store.