Open House Community at 55 Laguna

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55 Laguna consists of 40 studio, one and two bedroom units for persons 55 years and older.

This development includes the adaptive re-use and renovation of the Richardson Hall built in 1924 in the Spanish Colonial Revival style as a teaching school. This renovation will incorporate new non-smoking units of LGBT friendly housing and residential amenities. This is a Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender-welcoming housing opportunity.

Openhouse and Mercy Housing are partnering to create a community at 55 Laguna where the lives, history, and relationships of LGBT residents and all residents are affirmed and celebrated.

From their new onsite service center at 55 Laguna, Openhouse provides support for San Francisco’s community of LGBT seniors, and offer resources, services, and community building activities to help all residents live healthy and independent lives.

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