Sauna Bruc

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Come to Sauna Bruc and enjoy our pool, relax in the Jacuzzi, go inside the steam and dry saunas, get to know our “streets” and our corners, discover “Plaça Nova Bruc” and hide in the “Passatge de la Vall Fosca”. Have a drink in the bar. Take a break in the various rooms, mostly in the “Sitges” area (the best one for the most daring customers, don’t miss it!). Reach the “Jardí del fum” and cheer yourself with the vegetation. After so much hustle and bustle, relax in the whirlpool bath!

Most importantly, enjoy the moment. Carpe Diem!

OlderGay.Men additions:

Sauna Bruc is… unreal. I thought Madrid’s Sauna Príncipe was Grandpa Heaven (and it is!), but Sauna Bruc takes it to 27 new levels. I went there three times during my week in Barcelona, and there were always a dozen gorgeous old men surrounded by a dozen more, surrounded by three battalions of hot-and-eager studs. I never went more than ten minutes before I was drawn into some adorable old man's room. Even if bathhouses aren't your "scene", you've thrown your travel money away if you come to Barcelona and don't give an afternoon to this OlderGay Mecca.