Vitambi Springs Resort and Campground

Clewiston, Florida, United States

(Listing updated 3 months ago.)

Vitambi Springs is primarily an All-Male, Private Membership Resort for adults over the age of 21. You must become a member to gain access to the resort; membership is $30/year.

Day Passes are $15 - valid 9AM till sunset (please note, the park closes at 6 pm Sunday through Thursday). Come out and enjoy the day at the park with full access to all amenities including the Bongo Bar, BOLO Cafe, Pool and other amenities as well as participation in camp sponsored events and activities.

The Bongo Bar is a full-service bar with wine, beers and liquor. It is open and serving drinks on weekends. Our Restaurant, BOLO Café, is open and serving wholesome food on weekends as well. Our guests are welcome to bring their own food and cooking supplies. If you stay in one of the rental homes, you’ll find a complete kitchen with basic necessities. We also have a camp store, Safari Outfitters, with basic items, for your convenience.

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