Law Harrington Senior Living

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For over 40 years, the Montrose Center has empowered our community primarily lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) individuals and their families—to live healthier, more fulfilling lives by providing a number of critical programs to LGBTQ Houstonians.

The Law Harrington Senior Living Center is the Montrose Center’s commitment to fulfilling that mission by providing an affordable senior-housing community that is also LGBTQ-affirming. The Law Harrington will serve as the cornerstone of our comprehensive approach to support seniors, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation. The complex features one- and two-bedroom, independent living apartments for low-income seniors ages 62 and above, with rents adjusted based on individual/couple income. Seniors will be able to age with dignity and pride in a stable, safe, and affirming community, with access to specialized services and support, including:

• Primary Medical Care
• Counseling & Peer Support
• Advocacy & Service Linkage
• Social & Recreational Activities
• Wellness Programs
• Congregate Meals