Pennine Sauna

Shaw, England, United Kingdom

(Listing updated 27 days ago.)

March 2024 update from an OlderGay.Men member:

The Sauna is temporarily closed due to a fire in launderette below. I think it is going to be a few weeks to put right. You could ring the phone number to see if you get a recorded message.

This gay sauna in Oldham is located just outside city centre. Tends to attract more mature men.

Free-for-all attitude goes here with lots of cruising, naked nights, watching and fun in the dark rooms, sauna and steam room. Drinks and snacks available. Gets busy during the afternoon at the weekends.


    • Cumluv
    • I would luv to go to sauna but I’m a little nervous. I’m not open but I’m genuinely always horny and up for fun

    • Jeff Covey
      Jeff Covey
    • Hope you work up your courage and have a great time! :slightly_smiling_face:

    • Cumluv
    • Do you know anybody who would like to meet up and come with me I’m a little scared of going in on my own

    • Greyyin
    • There’s little to be worried about. Once you walk over the doorstep it’s quite obvious what to do. And if you ask the guy at the door who takes your money where everything is he’ll show you around. And you’ll be amazed how quickly you become part of it!
      Good luck.

      I’m very rarely in Manchester but if you were coming to Edinburgh I’d be glad to accompany you to the sauna there.

    • Cumluv
    • Thanks I just know once I build up the courage to get in there as long as there is nobody who knows me I can let my inner slut run free

    • Greyyin
    • Go for it! And let us know how you get on. You’re a sexy slut. You’ll love it. And others with love you!

    • Lovely friendly sauna. Reccomended.

    • Cumluv
    • I’m just a little bit worried about getting recognised

    • Everybody there is there for the same reason. I met an ex work colleague in a sauna once and he fucked the arse off me and after that it became a reg thing.

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