SODOME Bath House

Santa Fe, Mexico

(Listing updated 4 months ago.)

SODOME. A unique place for your fun and pleasure. Mariano Escobedo 716 Col. Anzures (This account and our services are limited to those over 18 years of age)
Sodome was born from the concern of a group of friends to have a Gay Sauna in Mexico City, created specifically for our community and with the best possible services.

The sauna is an important part of the Gay world of our days, and although there are already meeting places in this city, (in which we have already frolicked happily and will do so again), we wanted a different place, and thus Sodome was born. .

Located in an easily accessible area near the city's Gay center, we design our facilities with comfort, hygiene and safety as a starting point. A place where you can meet someone else, or meet your friends and accomplices. We believe that just as we can shed our clothes, we can also shed our taboos and prejudices, to meet a man in a towel, without the ties of status or designer clothes.

SO.DO.ME is:

Play to see and be seen; play to see without being seen; touch and see, touch without seeing, touch and be touched; find, show, hint, spy; exchange glances, exchange smiles, exchange thoughts; touch the skin, touch the beard, touch the bodies; sweat, smell, wet, bite, lick, rub, rub; discover our body, Discover others', discover your senses, discover your desires.


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